On a descriptor pursuit game / Vlasenko, / Rutkas, / Semenets, / Chikrii. (2021)

English  Cybernetics and Systems Analysis   /     Issue (2021, 57 (6))

Vlasenko L.A., Rutkas A.G., Semenets V.V., Chikrii A.O.
On a descriptor pursuit game

A differential pursuit game in a descriptor system is analyzed. The evolution of the system is described by an algebraic linear differential equation. Solutions of the equation are presented by the formula of variation of constants in terms of the initial data and control unit. The technique of set-valued mappings and their selectors, as well as constraints on the functionals defined by the behaviors of the pursuer and evader are used. The paper contains examples to illustrate a differential game in radio engineering systems. In particular, conflict-controlled transients in four-pole filters are analyzed. © 2021, Springer Science+Business Media, LLC, part of Springer Nature.

Keywords: descriptor system, differential algebraic equation, differential game, radio engineering filter, Algebra, Describing functions, Differential equations, Control unit, Data units, Descriptor systems, Descriptors, Differential games, Differential/algebraic equations, Linear differential equation, Radio engineering, Radio engineering filter, Set-valued mapping, Game theory

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Vlasenko L.A., Rutkas A.G., Semenets V.V., Chikrii A.O. (2021). On a descriptor pursuit game. Cybernetics and Systems Analysis, 57 (6), 36–45. doi: https://doi.org/10.1007/s10559-021-00413-2 http://jnas.nbuv.gov.ua/article/UJRN-0001284186 [In Ukrainian].


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