Reliability optimization in plant production / Pepelyaev, / Golodnikov. (2022)

English  Cybernetics and Systems Analysis   /     Issue (2022, 58 (2))

Pepelyaev V.A., Golodnikov A.N.
Reliability optimization in plant production

We consider the problem of optimizing the structure of sown areas, taking into account the risk of crop losses. To minimize the risk, we propose to optimize the buffered probability of exceedance (bPOE), instead of the probability of failure (exceedance), which is widely used in the theory of reliability. In contrast to the probability of exceedance, bPOE has better properties: this risk measure is a continuous function that takes into account all the values located in the tail of the crop loss distribution function. © 2022, Springer Science+Business Media, LLC, part of Springer Nature.

Keywords: agricultural crop, bPOE, optimization, quantile, risk measure, sown area, tail of the distribution function, Crops, Reliability theory, Risk assessment, Agricultural crops, Buffered probability of exceedance, Crop loss, Optimisations, Probability of exceedance, Quantile, Risk measures, Sown area, Tail of the distribution function, Distribution functions

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Pepelyaev V.A., Golodnikov A.N. (2022). Reliability optimization in plant production. Cybernetics and Systems Analysis, 58 (2), 35–41. doi: [In Ukrainian].


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